Community Grant 2023

Navajo United Way is now accepting Letters of Intent for FY2023 from local nonprofits to support programs and community projects. The Navajo United Way Community Impact Fund supports local nonprofits serving the needs of those who are underprivileged or marginalized.

The funds can be used to support programs in the area of education, health, housing, or related social service that benefits underprivileged or marginalized populations and for nonprofits whose mission relates to improving the education, health, and livelihood of those living on or near the Navajo Nation.

The actual amount of the awarded grants will depend on the amount NUW is able to raise during the current annual campaign. Submission of a grant proposal does not guarantee a grant award. Due to the high volume of request, NUW will accepy one proposal per each applying entity.

The submission deadline, which includes the application and required attachments, is Friday, July 29, 2022 at 4:00 pm. Questions can be emailed to