Community Impact


Greater Impact

Your single tax deductible donation helps many people, agencies and service programs. This gives you the opportunity to support the entire community and maximize your giving over a wide range of services that meet community needs. It is like your mutual fund of charitable giving! Through the Navajo United Way, you can help the most people in our community with one gift!

Only Local Programs

Your donation to Navajo United Way supports local programs and agencies. Dollars donated in your community to help build a better place for us all to live, work, and raise our families. Your donation is truly neighbor helping neighbor! 100% of your donation goes to agencies and programs.

It's Personal

Your donation to Navajo United Way can be customized to target any combination of the local agencies we support. This personalized arrangement allows your financial gift to become personal and meaningful to you!

Why give to the Navajo United Way instead directly to local charities?

There are local agencies that provide various basic need, health care and education services Navajo United Way does the research for you selects the best agencies and programs to serve our greatest needs. Navajo United Way holds agencies accountable for the funds they receive. Navajo United Way also offers donors the opportunity to designate a gift to a specific funded agency or program. Donors’ can take advantage of payroll deduction, which is the easiest way to give.

How much of my donation goes to help people?

100 % of each new dollar donated goes directly to support agencies and programs.

How is my money spent?

Your donation supports Healthy Living Programs, Youth Education Programs, and Programs that help families meet Basic Needs.

Is the Navajo United Way part of United Way World Wide?

Yes. Navajo United Way is a local organization governed by local volunteers. United Way Worldwide serves as the legal manager of a federation of the 1,350 independent United Way offices. United Way Worldwide provides many services such as training , research information, discounted and branded merchandise, national advertising and proven strategies. For these services they are paid a membership fee of 1% of revenues.